Molloy's Bar

Molloy’s Pub
Designer: Fionuala Lennon
Location: Tallaght Village, Dublin
Year: 2013

Molloy’s is located in the heart of Dublin’s city centre. The pub’s ambiance is created for both the tourist and the local, making them both feel at home. There are a number of pendants from the Willie Duggan Retro Collection that were perfect for creating the desired atmosphere. Fionuala felt that the Titan pendant was a great fit and we agreed, it's simple shape comes in many colours making it fit seemlessly into both an old style and contemporary interior. Molloy’s also has an inviting beer garden accentuated with the Newport wall lamp and other fittings from our large selection of exterior lighting.
"Willie Duggan offer such a wide range of lighting designs from some of the world’s leading brands. What’s more they focus on providing eco-friendly lighting in which is very in-keeping with the Grand Designs Brand. They are featured in The Tech Box at this year’s Grand Designs to show our visitors how it is possible to stay eco-friendly without compromising the love of beautifully designed pendants. Quality is the key to all of their products, each lighting fitment is world class and of the highest excellence. You can see from the pendants showcased at Grand Designs Live they offer a diverse range of designs that cater to individual needs. Furthermore, the service that Willie Duggan provide is first-rate. The expertise of all of the Willie Duggan team, efficiency and productiveness is excellent. They offer a complete bespoke service that can cater to any home owner or business. "
Lyndsey Mitchell
Production Team, Grand Designs Live Show
PSM Awards 2013
 Realex Web Awards Shortlisted 2012 GDL Award