Smithfield Fruit Market

Client: Dublin City Council
Location: Smithfield, Dublin
Year: 2004

Dublin City Council approached us to design the lighting for this Victorian fruit market in Dublin City Centre. As with any conservation work, we wanted to emphasis the architectual features of this 40,000 sq ft landmark. Using Agabekov and inground fittings, we highlighted the main features without effecting any of the integrity of the building.
"I went into Willie's one day looking for a bulb for my bicycle lamp., I came out two hours later with 3 lamps, 4 shades and 6 kitchen chairs. I dont know what happened but the lights are lovely, the shades are hypnotic and the kitchen chairs are so comfortable that I have put on 3 stone. I'm still looking for a bulb for my bicycle lamp."
Christy Moore
PSM Awards 2013
 Realex Web Awards Shortlisted 2012 GDL Award