Smithwicks Visitor Center

Client: Smithwicks Brewery
Designer: Verve
Location: Kilkenny
Year: 2010

This is the world renowed Smithwicks Brewery in Kilkenny. We wanted to highlight the old building without taking away from its features so we used LED profile on the windows to bring some subtle and sustainable lighting. There was also work done on the underground bar but this is a surprise kept for those who take the is worth the visit!
"I worked with W.Two Lighting Design Consultancy and Willie Duggan Lighting on a high end house in London. We choose to work with them as they provide an end to end service that is not found in the UK. They deal with many manufacturers as well as offering a bespoke manufacture which makes our job easier as we only have to deal with one point of contact for both the design and supply. "
Niall Bracken
Electrical Services Manager, Shipshape Construction
PSM Awards 2013
 Realex Web Awards Shortlisted 2012 GDL Award