Glanworth Church

Client: Glanworth Parish Comittee
Designer: WTWO Design
Location: Glanworth, Co.Cork
Year: 2011

We uplight the facade of Glanworth Church with both Agabekov LESI inground xenon luminaire and inground metal halide fittings in a cooler white. The inground fittings uplighting the facade created shadows highlighting the church facade features. The contrast between the warm and cool white also marked out the entrance to the church in a dramatic fashion. We backlit the stained glass windows from the inside to add to the to appearance of the church at nightime.

"I have worked with Willie Duggan Lighting on both commercial and residential projects over the years. Willie Duggan's products - decorative fittings & effect lighting - extensively range from the highest-end fittings through to fittings suitable for more budget-driven projects - interior and exterior applications. Their technical team and support are also excellent."
Gail Wall Morris
Commercial Interior Designer
PSM Awards 2013
 Realex Web Awards Shortlisted 2012 GDL Award