Clare Day Unit

Architect: Quinn, Savage, Smyth Architects
Location: Co. Clare
Builder: Martin Construction
Year: 2012
This project has a very specific brief, the clients wanted it to be very comfortable and inviting to anyone who used the space, it had to be very functional also. We used a mix of Prolicht Oika 60 LED downlight throughout, highlighting the beautiful stone wall feature. We used LED tape in both the conservatory and Chapel of Ease for a subtle, soft light effect. The main feature was the Tiffany pendants used in the entrance lobby, with Possoni chandeliers in the dining and relaxation space.
"I went into Willie's one day looking for a bulb for my bicycle lamp., I came out two hours later with 3 lamps, 4 shades and 6 kitchen chairs. I dont know what happened but the lights are lovely, the shades are hypnotic and the kitchen chairs are so comfortable that I have put on 3 stone. I'm still looking for a bulb for my bicycle lamp."
Christy Moore
PSM Awards 2013
 Realex Web Awards Shortlisted 2012 GDL Award