Miltown Malbay Church

Client: Milltown Malbay Parish
Location: Clare
Year: 2010

Milltown Malbay church, based on the coast of Clare was a refurbishment. We worked as the lighting designers on this project. For this we created moods for different events that take place in the church.
"I went into Willie's one day looking for a bulb for my bicycle lamp., I came out two hours later with 3 lamps, 4 shades and 6 kitchen chairs. I dont know what happened but the lights are lovely, the shades are hypnotic and the kitchen chairs are so comfortable that I have put on 3 stone. I'm still looking for a bulb for my bicycle lamp."
Christy Moore
PSM Awards 2013
 Realex Web Awards Shortlisted 2012 GDL Award