Arturo Alvarez

The Arturo Alvarez company was born in Santiago de Compostela, north-west of Spain, in 1994. Now they are dedicated to the design and manufacture of decorative hand-made lamps, working in 50 countries. They also make bespoke commercial lighting projects, with several customizing possibilities.
The centre of their project is the human being. The lamps arouse emotional and well-being sensations. They revalue hand-craft techniques to create a new language with innovative materials, develop proprietary materials in order to create different textures and a warm and cosy lighting. Day by day, Arturo Alvarez catalogue, is more and more environmentally friendly and conscious about energy-saving issues.
Arturo Alvarez have been awarded with international design prizes that answer for their work, such as Good Design, Red Dot or recently HD Product Design Competition in Las Vegas.