Kartell was founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli, a chemical engineer. The initial core of the business was producing plastic articles such as car accessories and later turning to household items. Castelli's idea was to introduce plastic to the home. Kartell consolidated it's identity in the 60's, parallel to the international success of the made in Italy design, by sticking close to its philosophy and continuing to explore the versatility of plastics. Since then Kartell has grown in both the home and international markets, known for both design and ingenuity, it is now a household name. 
Today Kartell is an Italian company that makes and sells plastic contemporary furniture. Products of rigorous or irreverent design, poetic or conceptual. Different design languages that take form through the most sophisticated production technologies, all sharing the constant thrust for research and innovation. Contemporary products that speak to us of experimentation in plastics, its various applications and performance, created by a team of designers which, as always, includes the best names in the international creative panorama.