"Slamp is a pure design company which moves as fast as light".
Roberto Ziliani, the founder and current president of the firm sums up the essence of the Slamp company in this way.
In the years in which Swatch introduced the idea of the non-conventional watch, Slamp was moving its first steps, thanks to a smart idea of Roberto Ziliani, who at that time organised events and the scenography in the world of the top Italian fashion companies.
The company of interior lighting Slamp transforms its materials into "décor" thanks to its sophisticated productive technology. It selects the best possible natural and technical materials for its lamps: natural leather, prestigious woods, Swarovski® crystals, anodized brass, steel, shiny finish inox steel.The materials in sheets which characterize the Slamp designer lamps are: Opalflex®, Cristalflex®, Steelflex® and Lentiflex®